2011 Polar Bear Plunge!

The weather for the first day of 2011 proved to be nothing less than spectacular. The skies were cloudless and a bright blue. The air temperature was a crisp 24 degrees… yep, you read that right, twenty four degrees – perfect for any polar bear! but for humans?

The stage was set to greet the polar plunge participants and onlookers.  Pattie Lenz pleasantly surprised us by welcoming all onto her property next door to the Manor Beach to enjoy a nice fire burning with an offering of Mimosas to help kinder the spirits. The Five Corners Starbucks Coffee House in Burien provided fresh brewed coffee and cocoa fixings to go with homemade cookies provided by TaniRae’s mother in law!  

Over thirty guests were on hand to witness a total of ten swimmers join hands and rush into the frigid waters of Angle Lake.  The goal, to swim to the dive platform!  While a few came short of this goal, six actually made it there and back and for this they were awarded a special prize in recognition of this achievement – a Polar Bear Sucker. (read into that however you wish!)

Photo by Nicholas Johnson

We’d like to thank Bryce and Pattie for their hospitality in helping host this event. A note of appreciation to the SeaTac Fire Department for being onsite to ensure that all swimmers who went into the water did in fact come out again!  Thanks to both the SeaTac Blog and Highline Times for dispatching photographers to capture the images of this event and to our commercial sponsor Starbucks Coffee for providing the warm beverages.  Additional photos of the event may be viewed HERE.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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Angle Lake Shore Club Blog said...

Wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the folks who showed up to cheer on the swimming participants - you also played a big role in making this event such a huge success! I look forward to next years event!

Thanks again to Kurt of the Highline Times and Nicholas of the SeaTac Blog for coming out and capturing additional images of the event. Their work can be viewed through the following links: