Shoreline Management Plan Nearly Approved

It was recently reported in the Highline Times that the Burien Shoreline Management Plan that was derived with the ‘help’ of residents from Three Tree Point and Lake Burien along with their hired attorneys could ultimately  wind up being rejected by the state Department of Ecology. I am happy to report that may not be the case for the SeaTac Program.

The Shorelands and Environmental Assistance representative, David Pater, has informed us that the SeaTac SMP has been accepted by the Department of Ecology with final approval being conditioned on the SeaTac City Council agreeing to revisions correcting a few minor typographical errors.  As I understand it, if the City returns written agreement to these changes then the SMP is approved and this will bring closure to the long arduous process of creating an acceptable plan.  Congratulations to all who have been involved in getting this approved. 

Beginning in January 2008 the City began the process of updating its Shoreline Master Program as required by State law.  During this time the City created a Citizen's Advisory Committee which met throughout 2008 and 2009 and the recommendations derived from this committee were incorporated into the draft SMP document and regulations. Additional input was received through two separate open houses and numerous Land Use and Parks Committee meetings.  The SMP was approved by the SeaTac City Council in July 2010 and forwarded to the State at that time for review.  It is expected that the SMP will receive final approval in this first quarter of 2011.

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