Not A Seahawks Fan?

What a week it's been for the NFL Seahawk Football Fans.  It seems no matter where you turned for News or Entertainment, there is always a mention of the Seahawks. From stories on National News covering Marshawn Lynch’s incredible touchdown run and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network reporting a small tremor as a result. Out on the internet with the YouTube video controversy about the 20 oz cup holding the exact same amount of beer as the 16 oz cup but selling for a dollar fifty more and even on our city sidewalks where hordes of fans gathered for a chance to cheer the team on as they head out of SeaTac for what we hope to be another win against the Chicago Bears!

But what if you’re just not into football?  Well… It Sucks To Be You!  
Nah, just kidding.  There is another option for quality entertainment for you to enjoy.  The Highline Historical Society is offering a free performance of “Eleanor Roosevelt: No Ordinary Woman” this Sunday, January 16th at 2:00 PM.

The production will outline Eleanor’s transformational journey from her shy, awkward childhood, to the White House, and later to the United Nations.  Eleanor Roosevelt has emerged as one of the most influential civil rights advocates of the 20th century.  In addition to the play, the presentation will include discussions on evolving attitudes toward the equality of women, civil rights, human rights, politics and freedom. It is reported that this program is suitable for middle school students and up.

The presentation will take place at SeaTac City Hall, 4800 S 188th Street, in SeaTac. Adminssion and Parking are Free however, charitable donations will be accepted.

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