Boat Racing Returns Sept 11th and 12th

Boat racing returns to the West Leg of Angle Lake starting Saturday, September 11th through Sunday, September 12th.  This event will require restricting access to the beach and part of the lower portion of the park.  Additionally, the boat ramp will be closed, as well as the open water access west of the Point. 

Angle Lake Park
19408 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98188
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM

Seattle Outboard Association (SOA), an organization founded in 1929, is bringing back the American Power Boat Association (APBA) hydroplanes, runabouts, and tunnel boats to Angle Lake September 11th and 12th for a fifth running of the Annual Frank Hansen Memorial Regatta!

Just like years prior, there will be two full days of boat racing excitement on the West leg of the lake. Spectators will again be welcome to enter into the Race Pits** to see the boats up close and meet the racers with their crew. 

Portions of the West leg of the lake will still be off limits for public access; however the restrictive boundary lines are expected to take up less area. We are planning to string together several of the ALSC Barges to form a ‘log boom’ on the eastside of the course, allowing boats to anchor up and welcoming spectators to bring their tables and chairs to watch the race action up close!

Since spectators aren’t able to clearly hear the race announcements outside the public park, our neighbor Allan Freedman is generously donating his time, lending his subject matter expertise and broadcasting equipment to enable low power FM transmission of the tower communications! Spectators and race enthusiasts from around the lake will be able to tune into FM 90.5 on Saturday and Sunday to hear all the race coverage broadcast from the tower!  Please be sure to express your appreciation to Allan’s selfless contribution of his time. 

If you’d like to know about the boats, races and drivers, you're invited to download a courtesy copy of ‘Hydro Basics’ authored by John M. Adams. John built his first outboard hydroplane at age 16 and actively raced for over 20 years in Region 10 with the Seattle Outboard Association. He is currently a retired driver and helps as a crew member of Adams Racing.   

** PLEASE NOTE: Entry into the race pits is restricted to spectators who have signed a waiver and are wearing close toed footwear.

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LPG said...

On Saturday morning just before racing begins at around 11:00 am the SOA does a wonderful tribute to 9-11.

If you live on the lake go down to your dock and pay tribute to those victims, first responders, military and veterans who sacrificed life and limb on not only that tragic day but also in bringing justice to the terrorists responsible.