Yes. We Are At That Time of Year.

End of July is a time for club members reflect back on the lasting memories created by participating in the numerous successful events that make up our 4th of July celebration here at Angle Lake; an opportunity to continue to awe over the visual spectacle produced by our amazing fireworks display; to stand with pride over the pristine environment the Clean Sweep achieved; and of course, a time of incredible stress for the organizers of the Annual Tasty Tapas Float Around!

History has proven that this is a very popular event to attend, however, there is a misconceived perception that it may be difficult to be a host. Unfortunately, each year the Tapas is riddled with uncertainty due to the lack of station hosts being secured in advance of event planning. In recent years, organizers have miraculously pulled off the event at the last minute by making phone calls and in-person visits, delivering a plea to sign up to host a tapa station.  So far they’ve confirmed the location for the final dessert station and a maybe – however the event needs to secure four tasting stations no later than Tuesday, July 23rd to ensure the event will occur as planned.

FINAL CALL: If you reside along the shoreline (regardless if north-south or east-west); you enjoy the tapas and you’re interested in seeing it succeed again this year, please commit to hosting a tasting station. There are typically additional hands available to help you host and you will be well informed by the tapas team so that you’re well prepared for the event.  Please call  Jim Todd at 206-226-9965 to sign up. 

A follow-up announcement will be posted regarding a final GO / NO GO decision.

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