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Rita Palomino Marlow, Taryn Hill (Vice-chair), Bruce Bryant, Tani Rae Standridge,
Jim Todd (Chair), Peter Daigle
Pictured above is a group of neighbors who volunteer as members on the Arts, Culture, and Library Advisory Committee (ACLAC) which acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council with the following purposes: 
  • Make recommendations pertaining to art and culture to the community and creating a bridge between the SeaTac community and the Valley View Library;
  • Inform the City Council in matters of the arts, culture, and library-related activities and programs;
  • Represent the interest of the community pertaining to the arts, culture, and library;
  • Develop cooperation with schools, local, regional, state and national art and cultural related organizations;
  • Solicit grants and resources to enhance and promote related programs;
  • Advocate for increased access and consciousness to art, culture and library programs;
  • Facilitate community dialogue and education on issues including literacy, diversity and intellectual freedom;
  • Establish and administer an Arts and Cultural Master Plan; and 
  • Work with King County 4Culture Grant program for funding sources.
This team of volunteers is currently looking at ways to encourage arts and culture within the city of SeaTac. 
A survey has been created to collect public comments, opinions, and ideas to generate artistic opportunities and cultural events. Please click on the link below to share your thoughts on how this goal might be achieved.

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