Let's Talk Tapas

Isn’t if funny?
For the past several years we’ve had to resort to posting a panic announcement that the tapas, which has continually been voted one of the most favored events offered by the Shore Club each year, was in jeopardy of a forced canceling due to the minimum number of host stations having not been secured. Yet each year, at the last minute, we’ve been successful in aligning the required number of stations; and each year the event continued on; and each year we hear “This was the BEST tapas ever!”

So, as an alternative approach this year, chief organizer Jim Todd decided to start earlier to secure the necessary required four stations and the dessert station. Low and behold all stations were secured ahead of schedule – no problem, no issues, right? 

Well my goodness, if the drama doesn’t continue. This year, even though the logistics are ahead of schedule, ticket sales are behind!  Why is this a big deal, when it seems that every year attendance meets expectation? The issue is that the event depends on ticket sales to fully fund the event. If 100 advanced tickets sales are achieved, then on average there is $500 budgeted per station to be used for food and drink. If advanced ticket sales are only 50,  then the budget is reduced to $250 per station! Have you ever tried to host an hors d’oeuvres party for 100 people on half the budget? 

Our Tapas guests deserve the best, yet our Tapa hosts can not be expected to foot the overages all  themselves. How can this be corrected? Reserve you tickets early (Before August 4th) so that our hosts can plan accordingly for the number of expected participants. If you wait for the last minute to purchase tickets, you’ll still be welcomed to attend, however it diminishes the overall experience and prevents delivering a premium event you’ve come to expect with all of the shore club events!

Please, if you plan to attend the Tasty Tapas, please contact Judy Williams at jywfs@comcast.net as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

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