Blue Wave Returns to Angle Lake

The one and two mile open water swim event started back in 2009 and held at the ‘End of Summer’ each year on Angle Lake is scheduled to occur this year on Saturday, Sept 15th. 

The nonprofit groups, Blue Wave Aquatics and the Fife Area Swim Teams (FAST) will return to Angle Lake to host the 9th annual open water competitive swim races. The meet at Angle Lake is mentioned to be among the favorite locations due to location convenience, water quality and calmness of the lake.

Up until a couple of years ago, several lakeside residents had provided the event considerable support in the form of a supplying powered pontoon boats for safety purposes. These volunteers were of great help to the success of the open water swim event and was very MUCH appreciated.

Then a couple of years back, due to an unrelated incident at a swim event in Hawaii, resulted in changes to the event insurance coverage requirements which almost precluded power boats from being a part of any sponsored swim event. Since that time the event organizers have had to decline the generosity the resident volunteers in order to maintain our insurance coverage.  

Recently however, a representative from the Blue Wave Aquatics organization wrote to the Shore Club informing our members and lakeside residents that the insurance restrictions have now been substantially loosened, leaving the organizers with a hope that community volunteer pontoon boat support may be available again.  Their request is for 2 or 3 power boats that could be located on the perimeter of the course, available to assist in the event of a safety issue. 

There is one insurance requirement still in place, and that is that there must be at least one observer on each power boat to assure that no swimmer is at risk of coming near the boat or boat propeller. The observer will be in addition to the boat pilot.

If you are a pontoon boat owner and would like to volunteer or you are interested in becoming an onboard safety observer, please send an email to the Angle Lake Shore Club address at

If you have any questions about the event, the volunteer schedules and/or volunteer benefits, please contact the Meet Director Eric Durban at 206.423.8043 or send email to

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