Creating an Ideas Incubator

Jim Todd asks:
Are you an arty thinker? Better yet, are you interested bringing interesting local business to SeaTac?  Perhaps you'd like to see a large performance space, a brewery, some restaurants, maybe a museum.

Artist studios and artistic workspaces would fit and maybe a business incubator - or an incubator of artists. Other spots could help the area become a draw.

Yes I have big dreams. A few of us have started talking about creating a vision of what the area around the 200th rail station could become. We’re looking for others that may enjoy a little City Center happening spot. It has the logistics to generate the foot traffic needed for a district like this to work. There are thousands of hotel rooms but no local attractions. And most of the metropolitan area will soon be able to get here easily on the train. We are looking at several possible exciting additions and trying to brainstorm avenues to creating such a center. 

What do you think?
If you have interest in this type of development in town please join the Facebook group
Seatac Friends of the Arts! We’d love your input on how to enliven our little corner of the world!

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