Popularity Growing with Nextdoor.com

Humans are pack animals. Our ancestors hunted and gathered as a collective, depending upon one another for protection, sustenance and companionship. Our success as a species and as individuals depends upon our ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. Fast forward to modern times and you’ll find that effective communication and common interest are the foundations of great communities!

The mission objectives of the Angle Lake Shore Club is provide unique events (common interest) year round for the residents living on and around the shores of Angle Lake in effort to build a stronger community. Included in the ALSC goals are objectives that include implementing tools that allow neighbors to communicate effectively among one another.

The ALSC employs the following tools to assist in reaching our effective communication goals:
  • Periodical Newsletters: Recap of past events; announcement of upcoming events; and related lake life human interest stories. 
  • ALSC Blog: Weekly updates regarding subject areas that impact quality of life and community in and around Angle Lake.
  • Facebook Page: A dynamic interface that enables unassisted communication between Lakeside residents and beyond.
  • Twitter: Short message system that allows for near real time communication and announcements with subscribers (followers).  Highly effective for instantaneous communication of event status’ and/or delivering emergency messages.
  • Nextdoor.com. Similar in function to Facebook however authorized access is securely limited to only authenticated neighbors within a designated ‘neighborhood’.

We announced the inclusion of Nextdoor.com in a blog post dated February 28th, 2013. We are pleased to report that within just one year, 72 neighbors in the Angle Lake Neighborhood have signed up for and are using this service today.  Additionally we are now actively communicating at will with 5 other SeaTac Area Neighborhoods who have also created their own secure sites! 

Recent communication threads have included brainstorming ideas and offering suggestions to help combat rampant mail theft that is common in all six neighborhoods and users have also shared and promoted local entertainment and event information as recommendations for things to do on the upcoming weekend, one individual even offered a free weekend Condo in Leavenworth due to scheduling conflicts and not being able to use the facility as originally planned! (As if that isn’t incentive enough to join the neighborhood conversation!!!)  

Effective communication isn’t simply delivering a message to a receiver – effective communication should include sharing dialog between two or more persons in active conversation. It is our hope that you take advantage of these tools to be an active part of these community conversations.

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