ALSC Fireworks Survey Results

As reported earlier in the Blog, the ALSC Board sought to canvas the active membership with a survey to give guidance on how the Club should plan for future fireworks displays over Angle Lake on the 4th of July each year.

A member survey was created requesting feedback on the following four options:
  • Option 1: Turn the fireworks over to the City.
  • Option 2: Maintain ALSC control over fireworks and downsize show to our current budget
  • Option 3: Maintain ALSC control over fireworks, increase suggested fireworks yearly donation and issue capital call for securing Temporary Floating Platform (TFP).
  • Option 4: Continue to partner with the City and negotiate the best deal we can with the City and (if approved) take advantage of their offer to use the new dock sections at the park as our TFP.  
The ballots were delivered via United States Postal Service to all members in active status as of December 27th, 2014. Members were requested to mark their preferred option and return the ballot via the enclosed postage paid return envelop no later than January 15th, 2014. 

Poll statistics are as follows:
  • 249 ballots sent, 112 votes were received.
  • Option 1 received 33 votes
  • Option 2 received 19 votes
  • Option 3 received 14 votes
  • Option 4 received 46 votes

The interpretation for these results are that:
  • 13% of our members expressed that they don’t care about the fireworks and felt that the city should decide the future fate of the display.
  • 31% of our members expressed that they wish to continue having fireworks over Angle Lake of which:
    • 42% of these voting members expressed that they prefer to return to sole ownership of the fireworks by the club.
    • 58% expressed that we should continue to partner with the city in producing the firework show
  • 66% of our members did not return a ballot.
Some could speculate that the 66% may be an indication that these members also don’t care about the fate of the fireworks but I don’t see it that way. Making a conscious decision to abstain from the vote doesn’t provide any indication of preference one way or another.  Not voting basically just means you're giving away a vote for the responding majority to decide.
The ALSC Board Members will be meeting Monday, February 3rd to discuss these results and review progress that has been made toward securing a replacement Temporary Floating Platform and prospect of locating a replacement Pyrotechnical Display Firm.  Results of this meeting will be communicated via the Blog and in our upcoming Spring Edition of the Membership Newsletter. 

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