Angle Lake Station Garage Contractor Selected

A $29.9 million contract was awarded Thursday to Harbor Pacific/Graham, a joint venture, to design and construct a 1,050-stall parking garage and plaza next to the future Angle Lake light rail station. The contract includes a connecting plaza, a drop-off area for light rail users, a retail space with dedicated parking, and 35,000 square feet to be held for future transit-oriented development.  

"With ample space for people to live, work, and shop, the new Angle Lake station will serve as a true transit-oriented development south of the airport," said Sound Transit Board Chair and King County Executive Dow Constantine. "And anyone who's searched for a spot at area park-and-ride lots will appreciate the 1,000 stalls in this garage."
Concept Design - Garage and Plaza in the upper left of this picture
The garage and plaza are part of the 1.6-mile South 200th Link Extension that Sound Transit broke ground on last year and is working to open in September 2016. Sound Transit has been working closely with the Port of Seattle and City of SeaTac on the project. When complete, service to Angle Lake Station will connect 5,400 average weekday riders to the system and provide congestion-free 40-minute rides to downtown Seattle and the University of Washington area.

"The South 200th Link Extension and Angle Lake Station area are important investments for the region," said Sound Transit Boardmember and King County Council Vice Chair Joe McDermott. "Not only will more people be able to ride light rail, but the station will also serve as the southern terminus for the system until service to the Kent/Des Moines area begins in 2023."

With light rail ridership continuing to grow, parking spots fill up quickly at the Tukwila International Boulevard light rail station. Once completed, the new garage at South 200th Street will increase parking capacity for riders seeking to use light rail.

"The City of SeaTac has worked closely with Sound Transit in the development of Angle Lake Station and we are committed to growing transit use," said SeaTac City Manager Todd Cutts. "Angle Lake Station can do that and more. We look forward to the station area becoming a centerpiece of the SeaTac community and spurring future economic development."

The first initial pre-cast sections of the elevated rail guideway are now beginning to be installed with the construction on the garage and plaza is scheduled to begin this fall.  Sound Transit maintains a 24 hour construction hotline which can be reached by telephone at 888-298-2395. 

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