Do You Believe In Santa?

We know of at least 70 children who do! And our online photos prove Santa had a blast meeting with each and every one of them.
After frigid temperatures the week before the weather was relatively mild for a mid-December evening which may have been the key factor to why we witnessed so many neighbors hosting bonfires on their beaches. However, we’d like to think it was mainly because of the elaborately decorated boats throwing a bright glow across the waters of the lake, drawing folks away from their TVs and easy chairs like drawing moths to a brightly burning flame.  Or admittedly, perhaps it was just because everyone was anxious to get a chance to visit with the Father of Christmas himself, Santa Claus.

Whatever the reason for encouraging folks to leave the warmth of the indoors to gather with their neighbors, family and friends in the dark of night, they had done so and had did it with great fervor, making this a most wonderful closing event of the year for the Angle Lake Shore Club and the community. All told over 70 gift bags were distributed by Santa to the visiting youth.

We’d like to recognize and express appreciation to the Goulet Brothers who had invested many hours decorating their boats.  With additional recognition to our principle organizer Jim Todd for coordinating the scheduled stops; Julie Hill for procuring and preparing the gift packages with help from Rosalyn Rombauer and Debbie Beck; to our club photographer Tani Rae Standridge for the many fine photos capturing all the fun had by everyone from small to tall. Additional thanks to Sandy Goulet, Pam Reith, Beverly Prellwitz and Fuzz Hill, the additional deck hands supporting the event operations. All you’re efforts were clearly appreciated based on the many compliments and kind comments that participants expressed.  And to Santa, the guy that everyone came out to see, you really had your game face on this night! You are a real asset to this community.

And finally, thank you to everyone who made the effort come out; build the fires; encourage the crowds to gather on your shore, greet us and invite us onto your docks and beaches to help spread holiday cheer.  You are the reason why we do this and it is you who help to make this so much fun!  Thank you for being involved and taking an active role within your community.

Photos with Santa are available viewing and can be accessed through the right side ‘Additional Links’ menu, under the ‘ALSC Photo Album’ link.  If you have photos to share, please email them to the blog address at


Bruce Goulet said...

Thanks Fuzz for another super slide show. You do that so good and I love the songs and music you pick out.The Santa Cruise is so much fun and it is an honor to be a part of it along with all the other Shore Club activities. You and Julie put so much into everything you do.
Thank you!!
Also a big thank you to Santa for letting us take him around the lake.
I always love the way he works his magic on the kids young and old!!
Merry Christmas Everyone......

Sandy and Bruce

PS... Can't forget thankyou to Lonnie and Annie for the beautiful decorating job on their boat.

Fuzz Hill said...

Oh Please... our efforts pale in comparison to you and your brother! But you know, we do this because we love the community we live in!

Thank you Bruce and Sandy for your efforts throughout each year.