We’ve received confirmation from Santa’s peeps that he is headed to Angle Lake this Saturday evening to make special visits around the Lake.  All neighbors with young children are invited to come to the following locations to meet with Santa, share with him your Christmas Wish List, get your photo taken and each child will receive a special gift bag presented by the Angle Lake Shore Club. 

Scheduled Stops with Site Contacts
5:30 PM     Marlys Patton 3771 So 194th Street (Jill @ 824-7058)
5:50 PM     Jean McGarah 3431 So 194th Street (Jean @ 824-5440)
6:15 PM     Angle Lake Mobile Home Park (Brian @ 604-1748)
6:45 PM     Curits Steinke 3228 So 198th St Post 3 (Kerry @ 824-2550)
7:10 PM     Steve Newsome 3514 So 198th St Post 12  (Dina @ 265-3333)
7:45 PM     Chau Murphy @ 19635 Military Road South Post 31 (Keith @ 242-0671)
8:15 PM     David Gutierrez @ 19003 46th Ave So Post 54 (Maritza @ 595-1698)
8:40 PM     Harvey Picket @ 3780 S 191st Pl  - Post 77 (Phyllis @ 242-9221)

All times are approximate and the event is subject to cancellation or delay due to any inclement weather. We’ll be posting updates throughout the evening on our Twitter (@AngleLakeSC) and Facebook (AngleLakeSC) Accounts.

Witness the joy in each of the children’s eyes as captured in Last Year’s Video!

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LPG said...

We welcome anyone wishing to decorate their boat to join us on the water in our parade that will precede Santa to each scheduled stop. We'll be mustering our boats in front of Steve Becks house and will depart no later than 5:15 pm to our first stop. Dress warm and get ready for a fun evening.