So Long 2013...

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One Year Is Done and a New Year has Begun
by Fuzz Hill

As I sit here in the still of the night
Just a few days before Santa takes flight
I begin to look back on the events of this past year
All the fun times, new friends, and all the cheer

We kicked off 2013 with a dip in the lake
The water was frigid and made dippers shake
But it was all done for good reason
To fill food bank shelves emptied this season

Peter Cotton Tail visited the lake not by trail
But by boat of course, in his hand was a pail
Full of eggs to hand to kids who were waiting
At the end of their docks busily contemplating

The lake was stocked with fish in the spring
For anglers to compete during our yearly fishing fling
Attendees enjoyed lunch and a chance for a prize
And fishing secrets were shared among the wise

Next thing I realized we were approaching July
Preparing for a parade, races and fireworks for the sky
While we were disappointed with our contracted pyrotehnicians
Our volunteers performed their tasks like highly skilled magicians

But before July was finished
Lake trash was diminished
By the volunteers of the Clean Sweep
Where garbage was piled waste deep

We plied through the water to various stations serving tapas
Traveling on boats loaded with neighbors; friends; mommas and papas
Coming together at the very last stop for dessert
To exchange stories, share laughs and watched a few flirt

Our Members Christmas Party was again a huge success
Everyone looking a million bucks outfitted in fine dress
The drinks were fantastic, the food was delicious
Our annual meeting was held to discuss club business

Merely a week later we were welcoming St. Nick
Traveling to docks around the lake by holiday ship
Visiting community children and to capture a pic
Seeing the joy in the kids faces was really a kick

So the year is almost over, the end is in reach
I’d like to remind you, January 1st at Manor Club Beach
We’ll gather and greet 2014 with great cheer
And look forward to yet another great year!

Happy Holidays from the
Angle Lake Shore Club Board.


Anonymous said...

Way too Funny!

LPG said...

Here's a BIG THANK YOU to our own Fuzzy Hill for the outstanding job he does in maintaining, upgrading and providing up to date and interesting content to this blog. What a great tool for our community.