Third Annual Clean Sweep Saturday!

Members from the Angle Lake Community will gather at the public park boat launch at 9 am to collect trash bags, tools and instructions before setting out for the third annual Angle Lake Clean Sweep Volunteer Event!

DATE: Saturday, July 27th
EVENT: 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM

The City of SeaTac Parks and Recreation Department will provide garbage bags and distribute trash collection tools to the group to assist in their effort to scour the public spaces on the southwest end of the lake to rid the area of the litter. If you travel this end of the lake frequently you may have noticed the positive impact the team had on the area last year however the since the area is often used by the public who does not seem to understand the concept of 'pack it in/pack it out' but who instead prefer to throw their empty cans, bottle and trash into the brush and/or lake - the area does not stay clean for long. Hence we'll be returning to this area to collect the new trash that has accumulated and seek to expand our efforts now to the dock and swimming area of the public park. We anticipate this will be a very big job, however the more hands that turn out to help the less burdensome this will be on each of us individually. We are also expecting to have resources expand out into the public right of way of our local streets to collect trash and debris along the roads.

Volunteers will be split up into groups where walkers will be assigned to concentrate on picking up litter on shore and roadsides, while waders and snorkelers will be committed to clearing the shallow water of trash and the adventurous individuals decked out in full scuba gear will gather debris from the deep!

Although our waders, snorkelers and divers will concentrate their effort mainly on the SW end of the lake, it is not intended to discourage residents from taking their own initiative in collecting litter from their area and bringing it to the park collection point prior to 12:00 noon where the City will assist in disposing of it. Please contact Judy Williams if you are aware of or need assistance with any large items (dock materials excluded).

Immediately following the event, participants will gather at the Angle Lake Manor Beach where the Angle Lake Shore Club will serve them lunch as a display of appreciation for their volunteer efforts. Additional prizes will be awarded through random drawing – must be present to win.

This is a good opportunity to get outdoors to enjoy some nice weather, teaming up with your neighbors in doing great things for the community and receiving a free lunch and possibly win a valuable prize!

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