Activities At The Park

Another 4th of July Celebration on the lake has come and gone, however festivities at the public park will remain through the weekend.  The Children’s Carnival will continue operations from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm until Sunday evening and of course the new spray park will continue to operate throughout the warm summer months.

Park Disturbance

A large incident of police activity was present around the park this past Wednesday Evening.  SeaTac Police received a report of a large group causing problems at and around Angle Lake Park.  Two officers responded and quickly discovered the group fighting outside the east park entrance.  As the officers arrived, the group fled back into the park at which time all SeaTac Police Units were dispatched to the location.  An estimated 75 – 100 black and Samoan juvenile were engaged in several heated arguments and were unresponsive to officer requests to disperse. With the amount of officers on the scene being significantly outnumbered by the unruly youth, a mutual aid request was broadcast and responded to by officers from Burien, KCO, Metro and Sound Transit, Tukwila and Des Moines Police Departments.  All together a total of about 20 officers were on the scene and were able to move the group out of the park.  Some of the group left via bus whereas the remaining group walked to So. 200th and International Boulevard where a large fight broke out in the middle of the roadway.  Four were arrested and 2 were pepper sprayed before several others fled the scene.  A group of about 30 remained behind at So. 200th and IB for about an hour before finally moving on.

With increased activity expected at the park due to later hours of operation throughout the holiday weekend, law enforcement encourages the community to report any unusual or disturbing behaviors immediately by calling 911. 

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