Special Town Hall Event

A proposed ordinance that would set a minimum wage of $15 per hour and other employment conditions for some airport transportation and hospitality workers will be on SeaTac’s Nov. 5 general election ballot.

Because a petition containing sufficient signatures was filed with King County Elections, SeaTac council members were required to either adopt the ordinance outright or send it on to the ballot. SeaTac council members decided not to accept the ordinance without a public vote and therefore determined to place the ordinance on the November ballot for the citizens to decide through majority vote.

City Attorney Mary Mirante Bartolo and Councilmember Dave Bush emphasized that city officials did not generate the proposed ordinance. The ordinance was proposed and signatures gathered by a group called SeaTac Committee for Good Jobs.

A special “town hall” meeting will be held to hear public comments about the proposed ordinance:
Tuesday, July 16th
5:30 PM
SeaTac City Hall

On July 23, the council will appoint three members each for two committees to write pro and con statements to appear in the voter’s pamphlet.

Please Note: The Angle Lake Shore Club does not endorse political views and this post is intended only to generate public awareness about the initiative and inform the community of the upcoming town hall event.

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