Familiar Faces In New Places

(Update - Jim Todd will be shifting from VP to Advisor)

As a result of the January 24th ALSC Board and Volunteers meeting, a new President and Vice President were elected into office, while some existing volunteers switched places, and other volunteers were welcomed to their new assignments. 

The following is the list of members and their elected positions:
  • President - John Bennett
  • Vice President - Jonathan Standridge
  • Secretary - Nancy Erickson
  • Treasurer - Robyn Todd
  • Auditor - Marge Murtha
  • Advisor - Jim Todd
  • Web Site Manager - Fuzz Hill
  • Newsletter Editor - Donna Bennett
  • Proof Editor - Tani Rae Standridge
  • Club Photographer - Karlene Pettit
  • Welcome Committee - Kathy Bryant, Joan Hasselman
  • Volunteer Coordinators - Jill Carroll, Susan Knox
We want to express appreciation for our departing volunteers for their many years of service to the community:
  • Judy Williams - Treasurer
  • Steve Beck - Advisor
  • Debbie Beck - Welcome Committee
  • Sandy Goulet - Welcome Committee and Events Organizer

Goals and Objectives for 2023

After a short 'soak-in period, allowing the new officers time to adjust to their new duties, the following goals will be considered:
  • Unify dues structure. Eliminate Single and Family rates to a single 'Household' rate
  • Increase the total number of members via the Club Benefit Awareness Campaign. 
  • Added financial support for the 4th of July Kiddies Parade.
  • Select and schedule the list of Club Sponsored Events and implement modifications where necessary.
Keep watching the Blog for further announcements.

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Melissa Mager said...

Thanks for all who are stepping up to new positions and grateful thanks to those who are stepping down for a well earned rest after so many years of service to the Shore Club. We look forward to an exciting, fun year of growth ahead. Cheers, Melissa Mager & Rick Butler