2023 Spring Newsletter is Here!

Back on March 16th, the Shore Club completed the task of emailing out the 2023 Spring Newsletter. Click the link to view the latest edition.

Suppose you are a member in active membership status or a recently expired member, AND we have your current email address on file. In that case, you should have received a copy of the publication in your inbox already.

If you have not received a copy, then one of the following might apply to you; if so, please get in touch with Robyn Todd for assistance:

  • I am a current member but have not been receiving any Shore Club E-Mailings
  • I am a current member who has changed their email address
  • I am no longer current but would like to reinstate my membership

If you live within our Angle Lake boundaries and would like to consider becoming a member of the Shore Club, please contact our Welcoming Committee ( anglelakesc@gmail.com ) to schedule a visit and receive more information about Club Membership benefits including a packet of valuable discounts available from local area businesses.

NOTE: The club relies heavily on electronic communications with our members. Please ensure your contact information is correct and your membership is active to ensure you receive all messages.

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