The Happiest Time of Year!

With the exception of this one little guy, everyone was thrilled to greet Santa during his annual visit with the children and their families on Angle Lake.

Early Saturday morning December 15th Bruce G and Bruce B, Lonnie, Dave, John, Doug and Fuzz teamed together and festooned the Santa Boat with Christmas lights and holiday figures. This being the eighth year of hosting St. Nick's special trip to the lake, memory muscle helped to make short order of the task - that and having the benefit of the extra helping hands didn't hurt, as well!

Later that evening as darkness was impending; the sound of sleigh bells grew louder as Santa drew nearer. Down the hill came the ole' jolly fellow trailed by his crew of holiday helper elves, Debbie, Shelly, Annie, Sandy, Julie and Capt Bruce. They quickly took to their places as the lights were set aglow and off they did dash as quick as the barge could go! (within the maximum speed limit, of course!)

Through a total of twelve scheduled stops, Santa had visited nearly 90 wee little ones including a few bit bigger ones, too! It is this opportunity to create indelible childhood memories that will last a lifetime that make this effort such a joy. We'd like to thank everyone who turned out and participated in this wonderful family event.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Pictures from the event may be viewed HERE
((Additional Photos will be added throughout December))

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So cute, thanks for posting!