A Glance Backward While Gazing Forward

As I stand at the threshold of a new year
I am pondering and wondering how we got here
It seems like last New Years Day was merely moments ago
And along comes another wouldn’t you know

As I look back on all the ALSC fun that was had
Reflecting on all the good times not recalling any bad
The last year started the same as the new
We gathered together to Plunge in on queue

A couple months later the Easter Bunny did hop
From dock to dock he made every stop
The children rushed in and hugged his legs
Anxious to received their candy filled eggs

Then into spring the community was blessed
As the Club hosted the big Fishing Contest
A derby several decades old
Where participates brave the wind and the cold
At the end of every line is a similar wish
That they be the one who lands the big fish
Plenty to eat with plenty of prizes
From small to big and a variety of sizes

We paraded, decorated and raced into July
And ended up watching Fireworks fill the sky
In August we costumed and got into Glitz
To travel by boat to enjoy Tapas Tidbits
Then sailed into September with an exciting roar
As we viewed hydroplanes racing from just off the shore

In late fall when the light fades early
Costumes were readied for boys and for girlies
Down to the dock to greet the BooBoat
To grab handfuls of candy to shove down their throat!

In the beginning of December
At the annual Christmas Party
Neighbors gather to remember
Many are cordial and others hearty.

Then weeks later we were ready to go
For St Nick to appear and to steal the show!
His sleigh a pontoon boat all bright and aglow
The kid’s expectations are high even without snow

To make a long story endless my wish for you all
Is never to be friendless and never withdrawal
That you’ll continue to participate in club activities
To celebrate togetherness through all the festivities

I hope you’re like me and you cherish the unity
That we have all actively worked to build in our community!

Wishing you all the very best in this New Year!

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