Hydroplane Racing Returns to Angle Lake

Boat Racing Returns to Angle Lake on September 9th and 10th.

Seattle Outboard Association (SOA), an organization founded in 1929, is bringing back the American Power Boat Association (APBA) hydroplanes, runabouts, and tunnel boats to Angle Lake September 9th and 10th for the second annual Frank Hansen Memorial Regatta!

Angle Lake Park
19408 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98188
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM

The weekend-long, free event will feature competitive racing of both hydroplane and runabout style boats from the Stock, Modified, Pro, and Junior categories. The event will also feature New Folks in Boats, an event for people to experience the thrill themselves! This driver training program introduces race enthusiasts to outboard racing offering a driving class from the experienced SOA racers, and hands-on exhibition runs in a race ready hydro. The New Folks in Boats participants will be spread out through the race schedule and will fill gaps between heats. Spectators have an opportunity to meet the racers, including up-and-coming stars of the future, and legendary drivers from the past. Access to the race pits is available to anyone wearing closed-toed shoes, after signing an insurance waiver.

The Saturday race schedule will conclude the seven-event series of the 300ss Hydroplane NW Tour. At
awards on Saturday evening, the Champion of this competitive event will be crowned. Currently the
points are in a close standing, and we will see the deciding heats during the day at Angle Lake.

Sunday will begin the day with a commemorative ceremony reflecting on the tragedies that occurred on
September 11, 2001. The day will also feature a full racing schedule and the presentation of a new award in honor of Frank Hansen and the Angle Lake Shore Club.

Portions of the East-West leg of the lake will be off limits for public access; however this restrictiction will not impact personal use of beach and dock properties. We'll have a couple of the ALSC Barges strung together to form a ‘log boom’ on the eastern straightaway allowing boats to anchor up to and spectators to assemble their tables and chairs from to watch the race action up close!

We happy to share that resident, Allan Freedman will again generously donate his time, expertise and equipment to enable low power FM transmission of the live tower announcements! Spectators and race enthusiasts from around the lake will be able to tune into FM 90.5 on Saturday and Sunday to hear all the race coverage broadcast from the tower!  


If you’d like to know about the boats, races and drivers, please download a courtesy copy of ‘Hydro Basics’ authored by John M. Adams. John built his first outboard hydroplane at age 16 and actively raced for over 20 years in Region 10 with the Seattle Outboard Association. He is currently a retired driver and helps as a crew member of Adams Racing.   

** Entry into the race pits is restricted to spectators who have signed a waiver and are wearing close toed footwear. 

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