What Will Happen to Fire Station 45?

Help decide the fate of the (soon to be retired) 200th St Fire Station

By Jim Todd

As many of you know our local fire crew is set to move into a brand new station just east of the 200th St fire station. The city is trying to decide what to do with the Old station when it becomes empty. Should it be sold and demolished to make room for new development? Should it be sold for a new use? Should it be retained and used in some new way for residents? These are some of the questions being asked at City Hall.

I have talked with Mayor Forschler and others at the city and the mayor expresses some interest in finding a creative new use for the property. He suggested that it could be helpful to hold a brainstorming session and try to come up with a use that our citizens could get behind. We've started to solicit ideas and want to get together and talk about what could be done. So far I've heard 3 basic ideas. One would be to use it as a senior drop in center open to all. Perhaps grab a cup of coffee, join a card game or chat with friends. Another is some form of art space. Perhaps art studios for the space or combining studios with a gallery and or taproom to look at art while grabbing a beer. The 3rd is really interesting and different. The Society for Creative Anachronism (the group into recreating the middle ages) would love to build a castle with medieval shops on the lower floor and living spaces above.

The point is that it is time to put on your thinking cap and suggesting a use that would give the area a little fun and excitement! This spot is near the center of the Angle Lake Station Area and is designated for uses that are transit oriented. That means it should be a desirable destination for people to access without a car. Yes there still will be cars and an 1100 spot parking garage next to the station. The long range plan is to foster development into some sort of an urban village of residences, businesses and amenities that is vibrant. The other factor is that we live in a city full of hotels and lacking interesting things for the many of hotel guests to do. If whatever ends up at the station ends up with a tourism focus there could be development money available from hotel taxes.

So bring ideas! If you'd like to be involved in the discussion please contact Jim Todd at jimmijett@gmail.com. We hope to hold a brainstorming session in the next couple weeks.    


Fuzz Hill said...

Another idea suggested was a 'Tool Library' with working shop area for arts, crafts, and projects - with volunteer instruction.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a game room, with pool, foosball, ping pong, air hockey and the like.