Hope Heart Institute Cares about Women in SeaTac with this Special Offering

It is incredible that this class is offered free to women in our area. I recommend it with all my heart! Pun intended.

I was invited to partake in this 2 hour class held once a week for nine weeks. I was stunned by how much I didn't know about women's health and how to spot and prevent common threats like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more. They even taught us the new CPR method which is much easier than the one I learned years ago.

I signed up as I care for my aging Mother in Law and thought I should be better able to help her, but I found that this class is going to help me make better choices and be a better-informed friend in need.

If you are available to attend or care about women friends who might be able to, this class is a must. They even provide free blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and Body Mass Index screenings. And they don't charge a dime! In fact, they even offer snacks. Healthy ones, of course!

The next 9-week session begins April 28th. Feel free to call the Global to Local office where the class is held for more information, Mary Kathleen 206-890-9676. They even offer classes in Spanish beginning March 30th and Somali beginning April 29th.

The generosity and knowledge of the teachers will warm your heart, and have you marveling that such valuable help is offered freely in our own little city.

by Tani Rae

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