UPDATE: Time is Running Out

The Angle Lake Shore Club Firework Barge Capital Call is nearing a conclusion. This is a critical time for us if we wish to ensure the continuation of our fireworks here on the lake. This requires all of us to come together so that we don't find ourselves without any show. 

The effort is to raise funds necessary to build six barges that can be joined together to form a single platform from which to perform the annual 4th of July community fireworks show at the center of the lake. As of Friday, September 4th a total of $13,255.00 had been collected toward the target goal of $24,000. If you intend to contribute to the effort but have not yet done so, please do so now. 

Please include the following DONATION FORM with your contribution amount clearly noted and indicate if you’re available to help with the construction of the barges. 

The Board will meet on Wednesday, September 16th to discuss the achieved result and determine appropriate next steps. 

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