One Doggone Windy Day!

The windstorm on Saturday, August 29th will surely go into the record books for some of the strongest winds, if not strongest ever recorded in August. 

Local meteorologists are still a bit in awe over the power of the storm Saturday that has become the earliest windstorm on record in the Pacific Northwest -- by several weeks!   The prior date on the calendar for a major windstorm to strike? October 2 -- more than four weeks later than our most recent storm. According to the tracking on the peak gusts, some of the gusts experienced Saturday were stronger in some spots than some of our greatest wind storms on record.

Now granted, wind storm damage depends a lot on not only the intensity of the storm, but the track and whether the peak wind field is over populated areas or not. The storms compared to the Saturday storms -- the Hanukkah Eve storm of Dec. 14, 2006, the Inauguration Day Storm on Jan. 20, 1993 and the Oct. 12, 1962 Columbus Day Storm all did far greater damage than the storm this weekend -- one reason was the Seattle metro area took the brunt of the storm, and second, the storms were considerably stronger. But there were indeed some spots that of the 4 storms had their windiest day Saturday.

Missing Items:

Several neighbors in our area have written the blog to report paddles, boats and large inflatable structures washed up onto beaches on the north end of the lake.  If you are missing something, please take a tour of the north end to recover your item.  If you have something to report (lost or found) it’s recommended that you post the item in the Angle Lake Neighborhood Site of (requires a valid user login). Help for creating a account is linked HERE.

Clearly marking your post number or phone number on the item in indelible ink would make for a much more efficient means of recovery, else someone could misinterpret the item as being abandoned and may use or dispose of the item as they see fit. 

Fun Fact:  Did you know that Clyde 'Fuzz' Hill is recognized as the individual to name the Hanukkah Eve Storm?  

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