Long Over Due?

It seems that no matter where you turn costs are on the rise but does anyone recall the last time the dues for the Angle Lake Shore Club were raised or for that matter are we certain if they’d ever been raised at all since inception of the club? While the cost of our volunteer labor has remained flat, expense for the materials needed to execute our various shore club events have risen.
During the November board meeting a motion was made to consider an increase in annual membership dues to ensure the quality of our events can be maintained. With the introduction of new events such as the Easter Bunny Dock Hop, Lake Area Clean Sweep, Santa Christmas Cruise and the Polar Bear Plunge, a moderate increase in spending has been realized. However that modest increase is greater when coupled with the continuing uncertainty of our annual fireworks show and the absence of the related fireworks donation drive that has traditionally helped provide the necessary funding to help cover these additional events. 

After thorough discussion, the ALSC Board of Directors was of unanimous opinion that the Angle Lake Shore Club dues are due for change. We all agreed that raising our dues is the most prudent method to insure that our events continue as we consider these family centered activities help to exemplify the type of neighborhood that we are proud to live in.   
We’re confident that you’ll also agree that the prior rates charged for membership have been long overdue for a change.  As of January 1, 2015 the dues for joining or renewing an ALSC membership will increase for a single member from $5.00 annual to $10.00 and a family living under the same roof will increase from the current $10.00 annual membership fee to $20.00.  

A membership renewal and event order form is conveniently available on the BLOG if you choose to mail in your dues; or use to pay at an upcoming spring event or when our Fishing Derby Volunteers are out later in April selling derby/raffle tickets.  

We are most appreciative of our volunteers and the continued financial support of our community that help to make Angle Lake a most desirable place to live.  Thank you!

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