Pivotal Decisions Ahead

ALSC President, Lonnie Goulet, will deliver status regarding the 4th of July Fireworks show to members present at the Christmas Party and reveal options being considered to help ensure success for future displays over Angle Lake. 
Each year at the Members Only Christmas Party the club holds a final board meeting for the year. It is the one time out of nine scheduled meetings where the majority of active members attend.  It is at this meeting when new members are introduced, volunteer recognition is given, past successes and upcoming events are discussed and board nominations are voted on and positions filled. 

Last year the meeting included a poll of the membership present on whether or not to stick with the long standing fireworks contractor due concern over their poor performance earlier that year.  After weighing consideration for the many prior years of outstanding performance and the extraordinary value realized beyond what other contractors were offering, the membership expressed continued confidence in Eagle Fireworks by delivering a unanimous agreement to continue with them.

However, anyone who attended the 2013 fireworks on July 4th realizes that the deterioration of the show was not just a onetime fluke and ultimately resulted in the board firing Eagle Fireworks, assessing numerous monetary penalties against them for failure to deliver with clear indication that there will be no further contract opportunities between Eagle Fireworks and the Angle Lake Shore Club to produce future shows.

You may also have learned by now, Eagle Fireworks was not only contracted to furnish the materials for the fireworks display but also to supply the floating platform in which to launch the show from.  Eagle was one of the very few contractors to provide this additional service.  Since Eagle is no longer a viable consideration for our future shows, several options will be presented at the Holiday meeting that are targeted to help fill this gap. If you have an interest in the success of our future 4th of July firework displays, it is highly suggested that you plan to attend this meeting to become informed about what is being considered. 

In addition to this crucial board meeting, the Christmas Party will of course offer an opportunity to visit and get caught up with neighbors over deliciously catered hors d’oeuvres and full buffet dinner, hosted bar and live entertainment.  An invitation is available for download through this LINK.

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