More Long Term Road Closures

The electronic message boards have been out for weeks, however for me, it didn't really register what the message was actually attempting to convey. I had just assumed it was alerting motorists that Levit’s Hill was closed and drivers should seek an alternative route. It wasn't until the new Llama Road * was opened that I realized the closure notice was announcing the renovations for Military Road that are scheduled to begin November 6th!  

Closure of Military Road between So. 176th and So. 166th Streets will be in effect 24-hours a day through the duration of the project (approximately 18 months). Only emergency services, postal service, solid waste collection, school bus pickups/drop-offs, deliveries and local traffic traveling to residences accessed off of Military Road South will be permitted. 

Similar to the earlier Military Road improvements that occurred between So. 176th and So. 186th, the goal is to improve traffic operations and increase the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The street improvements include widening the roadway to provide two general purpose lanes, a two-way left turn lane, bicycle lanes, curb, gutter and sidewalks. In addition, street lighting will be installed, new storm drainage infrastructure will be constructed, and the pavement will be resurfaced. The existing traffic signal at So. 176th Street will be modified and a new traffic signal will be added at So. 170th Street. Overhead utility lines will be relocated underground and poles will be removed. A Highline Water District water main will also be replaced. 

I was not living in the area when the improvements were made to Military Road between So. 176th Street and So. 186th Streets. I am anticipating the end result to be the same but I’m also assuming the headaches and hassles will no doubt be equal, as well. It’s going to be a disruptive inconvenience endured until April of 2015 for anyone who normally travels this route.

(Note: * "Llama Hill" is just our reference the road is officially labeled So. 178th Street).

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