Volunteer Help Needed!

If you've been a resident of Angle Lake for years, have enjoyed the benefits of being a shore club member and might be wondering how you can give back to the community – we have some great volunteer opportunities for you to consider!

The Angle Lake Shore Club is seeking additional help in the production of the 2013 Neighborhood Directory and publishing of the Spring Newsletter.  These positions will not require attending meetings, soliciting door to door, calling on neighbors or making any long term commitments.  Most of the tasks, once assigned, are performed via computer and can be done from the comfort of your own home at whatever hours you choose – as long as the deadlines are met! :-)

Assistant to the Newsletter Editor
Volunteers will mainly assist in proof reading articles that the board members submit and depending on experience, may help in the format design of the newsletter publication.  Assistance is also being sought in producing address labels, folding, stapling and affixing labels on the printed copies.  The Shore Club will provide all supplies.

2013 Neighborhood Directory
Volunteers will assist in auditing the residential information compiled in the directory. Depending on experience, may help with artwork, advertising placement, overall design and production of the directory. 

These positions are intended to be only temporary, however if you discover you favor doing this type of work, actually find the assignments fun and enjoy working with great people – we can certainly accommodate as we’ll never turn help away.  

If interested in any of the opportunities above, please email Rosalyn at anglelakesc@gmail.com.  Thank you for considering sharing your talents for the benefit of your club. 

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