ALP Enhancements Survey Results

At the request from a few Angle Lake Community Residents, a survey was created containing specific questions relating to the city’s intention of purchasing and installing a water spray feature at Angle Lake Park. The survey was targeted toward the Angle Lake Community and posted on the ALSC Blog, however it was technically open and available to anyone with access. 

Public access to the survey was initiated on January 29th at 11:55 pm and remained available until February 7th at 7:45 pm.  During this period, the survey had collected 71 responses of which only 21 respondents chose to reveal their identity – 49 elected to submit their responses as anonymous.  

While the overall majority comprised of anonymous submissions (53.5%) the predominant opinion was for approving the purchase and installation of the water spray equipment as planned, whereas the majority of named response (47.6%) indicated that the existing park investments including the guard shack, dock and boat ramp should be administered to first before investing in additional features is considered. Click the following link to view the Summary Results.

Initial speculation may lead one to believe that opinion may favor with the overall majority even though the majority votes were submitted anonymous – resulting in no record of who submitted them and hence no certainty that each vote was submitted by a different individual and provides no validation that they were submitted by a resident of SeaTac. However, one could also speculate that these anonymous votes may have originated from individuals residing outside the Angle Lake Community when considering Angle Lake is not a neighborhood park but instead a citywide asset. 

The survey details have been delivered to the Mayor; Deputy Mayor; City Council Members; City Manager and Parks Director; however there is no previous agreement that any of these officials will consider the survey results in their decision process. The survey was simply intended to provide some additional insight toward community opinion. 

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Angle Lake Shore Club Blog said...

Per the Regular Council Meeting held 2/12/2013: The Council vote passed all three agenda bills which included Phase II enhancements; spray equipment purchase; and access easement agreement via Angle Lake Park driveway.