Santa Clause Is Coming To Town!

Of course we are all very familiar with the annual journey that Ole’ Saint Nick endures every 24th of December on Christmas eve, but did you know that Santa Clause is also scheduled to make a special visit to the Angle Lake Community this coming Friday, December 16th!

As the elves up north prepare the sleigh and the reindeer continue to rest up for the big trip on Christmas Eve, Santa will make an additional visit to Angle Lake via pontoon boat instead.  He will be parading with a group of other festive boats decked out in holiday lights, broadcasting Christmas music and spreading cheer with all who gather along the lakeshore.  

When: Friday, December 16th 
Where: The Waters of Angle Lake
Begin: 6:00 PM  End: 8:30..ish… or when we get too cold, or tired, or the adult fluids go dry...

The route planned will depart from the Todd Residence (3910 So. 192nd, Post 78) at around (UPDATE) 6:00 PM travel first to Drew & Debbie Clark's beach straight across on the NW side of the lake.  From there, we'll work our way counter-clockwise around the lake. The trip includes additional scheduled layovers in the Manor Club Neighborhood at the Patton’s dock (4-12), followed with a stop at the Partridge Beach (4-17) and then over to the southwest corner of the lake for a visit at the Condos.
If you are unable to make it to any of these predetermined locations, no need to pout or cry! All you need to do is to bring yourself, the youngins, and a flashlight down to the water’s edge or end of the dock and flag us down as we approach.  We’ll sail in so Santa can have a quick visit with the kids, learn of their Christmas dreams and wishes and capture a digital photo to share via email with the parents.  Depending on how many stops are made along the way, a full lap around the lake could take a couple hours so watch for us, waive, flash your Christmas or porch lights as a sign of welcome for our special guest and his hapless but well intentioned elf helpers. 

A super huge thank you to Julie Hill who helped bundle the gifts bags for the kids and special recognition to Bruce Bryant; Jim Todd; Lonnie Goulet; Steve Beck and Bruce Goulet for all the effort it took to pull this event together to spread heartwarming cheer to all within our community.  

We wish a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who put this together. I enjoyed watching the boats as they made their way around the lake.