A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

And when it comes to describing the Christmas Cruise on Angle Lake, the photo below is priceless in explaining the amount of fun that was experienced for young and old at this year’s event.
The ‘Young at Heart’ enjoying their visit with Santa
Surprisingly the weather was relatively mild for a mid-December evening which may have been a key factor to why we witnessed so many neighbors hosting bonfires on their beaches. However, we’d like to think it was mainly because of the elaborately decorated boats, six of them in all, throwing a bright glow across the waters of the lake, drawing folks away from their TVs and easy chairs like drawing moths to a brightly burning flame.  Or admittedly, perhaps it was because everyone was anxious to get a visit with the Father of Christmas himself, Santa Claus. 

Whatever reason accounted for encouraging folks to leave the warmth of the indoors and to gathering with their neighbors, family and friends in the dark of night, they had done so and had did it with great fervor, making this a most wonderful closing event of the year for the Angle Lake Shore Club and the community. All told many, many stops were made around the lake with over 40 gift bags distributed by Santa to the visiting youth.
Of course we’d like to thank the captains who had invested many hours and personal expense to decorate their boats.  With special recognition to: Gordon/Joyce Densmore; Bruce/Sandy Goulet; Brice/Pattie Lenz;  Lonnie/Annie Goulet; Jim/Robyn Todd; and our principle organizers Bruce/Kathy Bryant. All you’re efforts were clearly appreciated based on the many compliments and kind comments that viewers expressed.  And to Santa, you really had your game face on this night! We hope you’ll continue to find time in the years to come to bless us with your presence. You are an asset to this community. 

And finally, thank you to everyone who made the effort come out; build the fires; encourage the crowds to gather on your shore, greet us and invite us onto your docks and beaches to help spread holiday cheer.  You are the reason why we do this and it is you who help to make this so much fun!  Thank you for being an active partner and taking an active role within your community.

Photos with Santa are available viewing and can be accessed through the right side ‘Additional Links’ menu, under the ‘Shore Club Photo Album’ link.  If you have photos to share, please email them to the blog address at anglelakesc@gmail.com or contact Clyde Hill within the Shore Club phone directory.

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