Picture Perfect Mornings!

Don’t you just love these CRISP, clear winter mornings in the month of February?  In case you are not an early weekend riser, here are some scenes of what you missed while your eyelids were closed!

A full moon in February is named a "Snow Moon".  The photograph above was taken on the morning of the 19th.  Note how much the trajectory path dipped into the south on the following morning below.

And although the Moon over the water is an impressive site - I never tire admiring the majestic image of Mt Rainier standing vigilant watch over the Valley.

If you have a particular favorite photo that you've taken from the Angle Lake Area, please email it to us and we'll share them with your neighbors in future postings.  Enjoy the day!

(P.S. clicking on the individual photos will reveal a larger version)

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Carol Clifton said...

Thanks for posting these.