Graffiti Removal Kits Available for Loan

If you are a resident that has been hit by graffiti, you should call the Police Department’s non-emergency number at 296.3311 to report the vandalism. Do not remove or paint over graffiti prior to taking pictures of the vandalism. Photographs will assist law enforcement in their investigation. When reporting graffiti, it is important to have the exact physical address or location with a cross street, and the type of surface that has the graffiti (i.e. fence, sign, or building). Once the graffiti incident has been photographed and reported to the Communications Center, residential homeowners may contact the City for a graffiti removal loaner kit.
Removal kits are easy to carry totes that include basic graffiti cleaning supplies (graffiti and spray paint remover, jelled graffiti remover, scrub brush, gloves, and paper towels). Kits are loaned to homeowners on a limited first come basis to assist residents in cleaning graffiti incidents on their personal property quickly.

Graffiti Removal kits may only be loaned to adults, and are available by contacting Neighborhood Coordinator Trudy Olson at 973.4763. 

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