Fire Boat Rescue Training

City of SeaTac Fire Department Personnel have sent notice alerting lakeside residents that on various dates throughout this summer Emergency Staff will be conducting training exercises on Angle Lake involving the 15.5 foot Zodiac inflatable Rescue Boat that the department had purchased last year. 

This training will teach personnel how to rapidly deploy and recover the boat, remove persons from the water into the boat, drag swimmers to the shore using specialized equipment as well as other boat handling techniques consistent with water rescue.

The department understands that Angle Lake is posted as a No Wake area and will comply with that requirement as much as possible. However, there will be times that the training will require exceeding the speed limit which will create a wake. This is necessary so that responders learn the handling characteristics of the craft at high as well as at low speeds and will prepare them to operate efficiently and safely in a real emergency situation.  This training will only be done near the center of the lake so as to give the wake as much chance as possible to dissipate, before reaching shore.  

Battalion Chief, Tom Betenson, can be contacted at (206-973-4500 Ext 2810 to address any questions that you may have regarding these training excersizes.

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