Eggs-ellent Egg Hunt

By Guest Reporter Tani-Rae

It was the best Easter egg hunt I have ever attended and I am no spring chicken! Sponsored by The City of SeaTac and our Firefighter's Union, the Easter Egg hunt at Angle Lake Park was a great success. Hundreds of brightly colored plastic eggs, candies and bubble jars filled the grassy areas. Sectioned off with caution tape, grassy areas were divided by age, making it a fair competition for kids to fill their baskets. 

The youngest group was not sure what the point was. They would have come up empty-basketed, if parents hadn’t joined in to help. One of my favorite pictures is the young girl in a pink jacket standing among dozens of unclaimed candies; she stopped mid-hunt to test her treats. With pursed lips she reacts to the taste unconcerned about the race.

Three red fire trucks lined the park drive making the approach look really exciting. An ambulance was in front of the picnic shelter. It was filled with huge Easter ‘Aide’ Baskets to be dispensed after the hunt. Each kid that found a green ticket in a plastic egg got to get in line for a basket. It looked like nearly every kid there got one! Some baskets were bigger than the kids.

Baskets were given out based on sex and age range so that the toys inside would be appropriate. From the looks of the delighted faces; they surpassed appropriate. Check out the little girl with a smile almost as big as her basket.

The weather was cold but thankfully it didn’t rain. Most kids were bundled well against the chill. Check out the boy in the camouflage hat. He was so bundled up he just kept falling over and rolling. But he was warm!

The Firemen were awesome! They were there early and stayed late to clean up. They greeted kids and even passed out handfuls of candy they saved for kids who missed the race.  They were joined by the Easter Bunny who brought her star power to the event. She posed for pictures and made friends; high fiving the kids and conversing in mime. Behind the scenes was a wonderful woman named Virginia who stuffed all the eggs. I thanked her profusely but the looks on the kids faces as they proffered their green tickets was surely thanks enough. Reportedly Lisa, who wants to remain anonymous, made the incredible Easter Prize baskets. That was no small job and I think a huge thank you should be anonymously sent to her. 

The surprise of the day for me was the creative variety of Easter baskets; from Spiderman pails to a homemade bunny face that deserved a prize.

Thank you Tani-Rae for the news article contribution!  Click Here to view all the photos captured at the event.

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