Amusement Park at Lakeside City Owned Property

Family Fun Center to Occupy Vacant Hughes Property

According to a recent report revealed on the Topeka Search Site, a press release is expected today from the parent corporation of the Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle's Restaurant that planning is in the final stages for the relocation of the amusement park from it's current Tukwila location to the vacant city owned parcel (aka: Hughes Property) located on the western shores of Angle Lake. 

Corporate spokeswoman, Natasha Karloff, is excited about the opportunity for the relocation, "This will make the lake more accessible for families who travel through Sea-Tac Airport or provide entertainment for those who have an extended layover.  We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our water activities from the  current confined spaces onto the open waters of Angle Lake offering bumper boats, row boat rental, water slides and more!  This will truly be the catalyst to make Sea-Tac a destination point in our active region".

Preliminary indication is that all necessary permits will be approved at the next Regular Council Meeting.

(Postscript:  This is an April Fools Joke)


Anonymous said...

Bumper boats and waterslides...OH MY! Sounds like good times on the lake. Send in the clowns!

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LPG said...

You got me Fuzz. I ran all kinds of scenerios through my mind before actually clicking on the 'Reg Council Mtg' link. I think this does however prove what a powerful tool this can be regarding relaying information and expressing neighborhood viewpoints on any planned developments.