Seeking Relief, We Got Two Johns!

Planning for a return to a full schedule from the two-year hiatus created by the pandemic, the club put out a call to membership for nominations to fill critical board positions. The plea for help produced two candidates, John Bennett, and Jonathan Standridge. Both received nearly unanimous approval from the voting membership in attendance, with the only dissenting vote (jokingly) coming from John Bennett himself!  

(photo credit: Julie Hill)

What is to follow? 

The current board of directors and volunteers will gather on January 24th for a reorganizational meeting. At that time,  the position of President and Vice President will be assigned, and Treasurer and Secretary are expected to be reconfirmed. Completing these assignments will position the club to forge ahead with the 2023 Event Planning under new leadership. 

However, we are still seeking additional volunteer support from our membership to help plan, prepare and host events throughout 2023. Volunteering does not mean making a long-term commitment; it simply means committing to helping in whatever capacity you can fulfill. 

If you recognize and appreciate the club's value to your community, and you enjoy participating in one or more events each year, please consider investing your time to ensure that these unique traditions continue. 

If ever you have questions, ideas, or recommendations to offer, please reach out to any currently active board member or volunteer, or send an email to

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