Angle Lake Nature Trail Restoration Help Needed

Alison Thomas, a Tyee High School Science Teacher, is coordinating a field trip with Forterra for as many as 40 students to do restoration work at Angle Lake Nature Trail on Oct. 11th from approximately 11 am to 2 pm.

When: October 11th - 11am until 2pm
Where: Angle Lake Nature Trail
Meet near the boat launch

Ms. Thomas is reaching out to the Shore Club to see if our members might be interested in participating in this event. Involvement may include chaperoning the field trip or acting as an extra pair of eyes in helping to ID invasive species, making sure students are removing the correct targeted invasive plants. Or you may consider bringing your own supplies (gloves, shears, steel rake) and participating alongside other volunteers to help maintain a healthy, native environment.

Another idea suggested is for any Shore Club member with knowledge about how the former Hughes Property became part of the SeaTac parks system and of prior restoration efforts having occurred here to take a minute or two to share that history.


If you have questions about this event, please email Alison Thomas at or to participate, please sign up online at ( and click on “Join this event”). 

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