Picture This, If You Will...

Imagine a warm summer evening in August where no less than 120 costumed neighbors and guests board a fleet of pontoon boats destined for one of four locations on a lake. Their objective? To sample light hors d' oeuvres and imbibe in paired libations. 

Now imagine this scene repeating three times over! After which, all converge onto a final destination where desserts, snacks, Jell-O shots, and additional refreshments are served, and effortless conversation flows as the sunshine begins to wain at the end of the evening.  

Hard to picture? Fret not, as we have images to share depicting such an event! 
Click HERE to view photos captured from that evening. 

Next year, Tapas will be returning to the East / West leg of the lake. Three homes have already committed to playing host next year. Therefore we're seeking one more tapa and one dessert station to be ahead of schedule. Please get in touch with Jill Carroll when you're willing to commit! 

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