Take Care In What You Wish!

"I made a wish that I was to be happy. Now I live in a cottage with six other dwarfs and work in a mine."

Have you noticed a curious object floating about in Angle Lake recently? Several inquiries had been received here at Blog Central, so we decided to set forth in search of answers about this spectacle. 

Our first turn was toward our resident art enthusiast Jim Todd to see if he had any intel about the object. Jackpot! It seemed Jim had the answers. In his quick reply, he stated, "If one got close enough to it, you'd find it to be the Angle Lake Wishing Well (with any proceeds collected will be given to local charities)."

Jim confirmed that he is responsible for managing this installation by sharing, "It's going to wherever the wind blows. It has a 20' anchor line, so it shouldn't get too close to anybody's beach. I will venture out every couple of days to see if it needs repositioning." 

When asked about the intended purpose of the installation, in addition to raising funds to give to charity, Jim commented, "I also hope my wishing well gives some folks a little smile. Smiles are good."

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Anonymous said...

Great idea for a great community! We love the hearts of people who are part of this.😊