Lily Pad Control Efforts

On April 21st, Northwest Aquatic Management, LLC announced plans for a 'Roundup ®' type chemical application to control the invasive lily pad population within targeted areas of Angle Lake. 

All homes and businesses within one-quarter mile of the planned treatment areas were sent a letter outlining the Noxious Aquatic Weed Treatment program and inviting comments to be sent to the Department of Ecology within 30 days of notice.

Several residents had contacted the city and the Shore Club to voice concern over using chemicals for lily pad control. They urged other environmentally friendly methods to be considered for eradicating these plants. The NAWT plan was brought forward as new business in front of the Angle Lake Shore Club board. Discussion ensued, and a motion passed unanimously, objecting to the plan as presented. A letter from the panel was compiled and sent to the Washington State Department of Ecology stating the Shore Club's objection to the use of chemicals for weed control on Angle Lake. Additional copies of the letter were also sent to Northwest Aquatic Management and the City of SeaTac Parks.

New Plan

On May 13th, Shore Club received an email from a City of SeaTac Parks representative acknowledging our objection to using chemical control for vegetation on Angle Lake. An attachment letter was included summarizing a new plan for manually removing the fragrant water lily and stated the effort would be limited only to the frontage of the Angle Lake Trial. The email then expressed hope that this new plan would be more acceptable to the shore club members. 

Any additional comments or concerns may be directed to SeaTac Parks Projects and Operations Manager Michael Fitzpatrick at (206.973.4671) and shared with the Angle Lake Shore Club Board at


On June 16th, Shore Club received the following Letter of Confirmation from the Washington State Department of Ecology verifying that a permit will not be issued at this time.  


Anonymous said...

Yay you guys rock! Thanks for watching out for us and the fish!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Do the "fragrant water lily" even smell? I've not noticed it, and there's a lot of them next door. Good to hear we won't be having another big stinky algae bloom.