Santa's Christmas Cruise Photos!

Just in time for the holidays, photos from the Santa Cruise are here, available for you to share with your friends and family!

Santa and his elf helpers visited over 75 kids at a total of 10 stops around Angle Lake including the Mobile Home Park and for the first time, 15 children from the Landing Apartments. At each of these stops, our neighbor Jennifer Marcum captured some fantastic photos of the children and their families enjoying their special visit with Santa. 

The trip this year was an extra memorable one for Santa. He was able to stop by and pay his respects to a recently departed close friend on the lake, Russ Austin. His tribute was to set a lake flare ablaze on a wooden float similar to what Russ has been noted for supporting every year for the Angle Lake Fourth of July Fireworks. Other special moments were the children gathered at the Louvier’s dock greeting Santa with a joyous chorus of Christmas Carols.

According to ALSC President, Lonnie Goulet, this was the best outing in the 8 years the cruise has been operating. “The gal at the Landing Apartments was the most pleasant surprise.” Lonnie commented, “You ask me what the difference was this year that got the kids to turn out and my answer is simple. It was the extra effort put in this year by both Diane at the Mobile Home Park and Ashley at the Landing Apartments. They took the extra time to go door-to-door and get people committed to showing up to meet Santa.” 

As you’ll see from the photos taken, it was a good turn out and evident that all involved had a great time.  And with that, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a truly joyous New Year!

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