They’re Back!... Ten Years Straight

For the tenth year, swimmers numbering in the hundreds will gather once again on the shores of Angle Lake eager to participate in the ‘last’ 1 and 2 mile open water competition swim of the season. 

September 14th, 2019
Angle Lake, SeaTac WA
8:30 am Check-In for all events

The last open water swim of the Season... for youth and masters swimmers. This year's Last Gasp of Summer includes the USMS One and Two Mile events, Julie Montiel Fun Swim, USA One, Two Mile and 500-meter events. 
Angle Lake has become a favorite location for this event. The course will run nearly the entire length of the east-west leg and will be marked with large buoys. Motorboats, kayaks, and lifeguards will be strategically located around the course to monitor race operations and lend assistance if necessary. Nearly 150 Master Swimmers are expected to compete in one of four events, while Youth will have their own separate events to compete in.  The course will be cleared by noon and the event is expected to conclude no later than 1:00 PM.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of volunteer effort to pull off an event of this magnitude and the organizers could always use additional help. If interested in lending a hand, simply show up no later than 8:30 AM and ask for an assignment including if you’d like to help patrol the course from your kayak. All volunteers will be welcome to join the athletes enjoying a free picnic lunch.

A history page has been added to The Last Gasp of Summer website to capture all the fun facts from previous years!

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