Satisfied With Your Broadband?


The City of SeaTac is evaluating the current level of quality high speed, highly available, broadband service and wants to know what kind of Internet Access you have at your home or business to help identify that your area is adequately served. Please take 5 minutes to give us your feedback!

If during the recent ‘Snowmageddon’ you were counted among the many that were lucky enough to be approved to work remotely from home via local internet access, it’s great to be you!  However, if you found yourself suffering from sporadic or slow internet service, well I’m sure that feeling of greatness slipped away quickly and you often found yourself ready to risk life and limb to get to your place of work to connect to faster access! If so, we’d like to hear from you!  Even if working from home was not an option or you have no internet access at all or you had no problem connecting, we still want to hear from you as well.

By providing feedback about your broadband access at home or work with this simple survey, you are helping your community understand if there is a need for broadband infrastructure investment in your area. Please help by informing your neighbors that this quick survey is purely informational and is the best way to let the leadership in your area know what your internet needs are. There is no commitment, and your personal information will never be shared. Simple fill out the survey online and the city will tally the results to help form their decisions.

If you have any questions regarding this effort refer to the following links:

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