Too Early To Talk Tapas?

Frequently voted as one of the MOST fun ALSC events each year!

Dessert Station 2016
However each year we're faced with uncertainty and seem to pull it together at the last minute. So this year, event organizer Jim Todd has decided something different. We’re actively seeking volunteer stations in May instead of waiting until the end of July!  

An even numbered year means we’ll be traveling the EAST-WEST leg of the lake. We’re seeking lakeside homeowners along this route from cove to park who will commit their yard to host one of four stops or as the final dessert station destination. 

The advantage of being a host station is that you get to attend for FREE; the Club generally reimburses you for your expenses up to $600 (depending on ticket sales); and you get to meet and visit with all the participating guests. Recruit friends or family to help create and serve small appetizers and offer refreshments while you are left to mingle. This is a great opportunity for you to catch up, reacquaint or meet new neighbors. If you’re on the fence, please contact the event organizers, Jim Todd or Sandy Goulet who will happily address any questions you may have. Else, reach out to any previous station hosts to inquire about their experience.  

If you’ve enjoyed the tapas as a participant – why not discover the joys of being a host station?

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