Citizen Advisory Committee Vacancies

Have you the want to be more involved with the City of SeaTac? Do you hold a desire to provide a valuable service to your community, and to participate in legislative decisions reached in our city?  

If you answered YES, our Citizen Advisory Committees are seeking individuals like you to join with other groups of volunteers interested addressing issues facing their community.

Responsibilities assigned to members of a Citizen Advisory Committee include but are not limited to “the study of critical issues, taking public testimony, performing independent research, and reviewing staff reports and recommendations. These prepare the advisory body to discuss, analyze, formulate, and forward well-developed, thoughtful recommendations to the City Council”.

Let your voice be heard! Consider joining a Citizen Advisory Committee.

The following Citizen Advisory Committees have vacancies:
  • Arts, Culture and Library Advisory Committee
  • Community Services Advisory Committee
  • Planning Commission
  • Senior Citizen Advisory Committee
  • Sidewalk Advisory Committee
Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, February 28.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, choose one of the following for more information:

All positions are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.

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