No Location. No Party.

It is with regret that the ALSC Board announces to the community that our annual Members Christmas Party is at risk of being canceled. Quite simply, we are approaching the critical date for a binary decision:  Have the party or not.

The reason? Although a ton of effort has been invested to locate a member homeowner willing to open their home to host the party, success has not yet been found.

The Christmas Party Committee is now verifying to see if either the Des Moines Field House or the Normandy Park Cove may be available for lease on December 2nd. If neither one of these two locations are available and no one else steps forward no later than November 17th, we will have no other choice than to cancel the party for 2017.

What does it take to host the party?

We’ve been averaging a total of about 80 guests, including the Shore Club Board Members. You are simply required to open your doors to our Christmas Party Team to load in and then Saturday morning the team will decorate and arrange as needed per the homeowner direction. Early Afternoon the caterers will show to set up, guests will arrive at 4 PM and are scheduled to leave by 8 PM (or later at the homeowners discretion). Most will be cleaned up that evening afterward else an hour or two will be needed Sunday to get every back into its original place and condition. 

As you may have noticed, very little involvement is required by the host family – a couple decisions and opening their doors a few times and that’s it!  The Christmas Part Team takes care of all the rest! Ensuring that everything is like it was originally when they leave.

If you would like to be considered as the 2017 location, please contact Julie Hill no later than November 17th. Else, refer to the blog for a final GO / NO GO decision to be posted.

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